Acoustica take on Classe Audio Brand – Demonstrations Available

Acoustica have taken on board the Classe Delta series of amplifiers consisting of Delta Pre, Delta Stereo and Delta Mono. We are one of only a limited number of dealers in the UK for these amplifiers and  have them available for demonstration.

For more information or to arrange a demo please contact us.


Demonstration of SME Synergy Turntable

Acoustica are pleased to announce they now have an SME Synergy Turntable available for demonstration.

Synergy is a unique, precision-engineered integrated turntable featuring magnesium tonearm, moving coil cartridge and built-in phono stage. Comprising of a completely new turntable design combined with the highly acclaimed SME Series IV tonearm, Ortofon’s ‘exclusive series’ MC Windfeld Ti cartridge and a specially designed phono stage by NAGRA, all coupled with mono crystal silver wire by Crystal Cable, Synergy is a fully integrated turntable unit that is factory configured requiring minimal user set-up. Synergy’s design is compact, sleek, modern and instantly recognisable as SME. Incorporating precision engineered components, high attention to detail and the craftsmanship that SME is globally renowned for, above all Synergy delivers an extraordinary vinyl listening musical experience.

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Chord Announce Epic Power Lead – Promotions Available

Chord Company Epic Power is a high-specification mains cable for hi-fi and audiovisual systems. Hand-built in the UK, the design incorporates our unique ARAY conductor technology, originally created for our flagship products but now enhancing the performance of our other ranges.

Epic Power is part of the widely acclaimed and extensive Epic range of analogue and digital interconnects, HDMI and speaker cables.

  • High purity multi-strand copper conductors with unique ARAY technology.
  • PVC internal and external insulation with high mechanical damping factor.
  • Dual layer high frequency effective braid and foil combination shield.
  • High density vibration damping outer jacket.
  • Available fitted with high-spec 10 or 16 amp IEC or Fig8 connectors and UK / Euro / US / AUS mains connectors.
  • Standard lengths: 1m, 1.5m, 2m and 3m. Custom lengths and terminations are available to order.

Contact us to discuss this cable and find out about our introductory offers.


Acoustica takes on SME Brand

We are delighted to announce that we are now able to supply the  full range of SME turntables including the SME 12A pictured here.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration please contact us.

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New Chord Signature X Power Leads – Promotional Offer

Chord has announced an upgrade to its renowned Signature Power Lead. Signature X Power cable is designed, hand built and tested in the UK and benefits from the latest XLPE insulation. Consistently high-quality performance in any environment and across all audio/video applications. Alongside the unique Chord Company ARAY geometry this upgraded mains cable features significantly heavier-gauge conductors meaning less resistance and greater efficiency.

We are pleased to be offer these at an introductory price. Please contact us for more information.



Bowers & Wilkins Announce 800 Series Diamond range

Bowers & Wilkins have announced their new 800 Series Diamond Range that will be available from Acoustica from September 2021. Here is the announcement:

We are delighted and proud to introduce the fourth generation Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond range. It’s a challenge that has occupied the past six years of the finest minds at SRE, home of the world-renowned Bowers & Wilkins engineering team. Their solution is to combine continuous improvement of every component in each design with innovative and proprietary technology that re-imagines the fundamental basics of a conventional loudspeaker drive unit: the new, unique and revolutionary Biomimetic Suspension.

The new 800 Series Diamond range continues to feature seven models, beginning with the two-way 805 D4 stand-mount speaker. That’s joined by a series of three-way floorstanding models, including the 804 D4, 803 D4 and 802 D4. For the flagship model in the range, Bowers & Wilkins is pleased to reintroduce an iconic name to its portfolio, with the launch of 801 D4 to replace the existing 800 D3. For home theatre use, the HTM81 D4 and HTM82 D4 provide a pair of high-performance centre channel speakers to complete the range.

Every new model in the range combines hundreds of detail improvements plus several entirely new technologies to create the most transparent, detailed and natural-sounding series of loudspeakers Bowers & Wilkins has ever produced.

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GroundARAY Demonstration – It really works!


On 5th May we were privileged to have a demonstration of the new Chord GroundARAY that is announced this week. This was part of a wider demonstration of Speaker Cables and Interconnects. See demonstration details here. We have not been able to share our experiences with the GroundARAY until now!

For the GroundARAY demonstration we used the following system elements, complemented by Chord Sarum Interconnects and Speaker cables:

  • Naim NDX2 with Chord Bridge fitted and connected through English Electric 8Switch
  • Naim NAC 282 preamp with HiCap DR Power Supply
  • Naim NAP 250 DR Power Amplifier
  • Focal Sopra No2 Speakers
  • Music Works Power Block with Chord Shawline Mains Leads

Our first listening was with the GroundARAY connected to one of the inputs on the NDX2. Immediately we noticed a wider dynamic range, more detail in lower frequency vocals and a significantly quieter background. These devices really do work!

Moving forward we added a second GroundARAY to the NAC 282 and this added even more benefits to those already experienced with the GroundARAY used on only the NDX2.

We tried positioning the GroundARAY on a range of equipment and, by and large, the more GroundARAYs the greater the improvement, so we can certainly support Chord’s recommendation of starting with the source and adding more when you want to.

For more information and/or to arrange a demo please Contact us.



Chord Announce GroundARAY

Chord GroundARAY consists of 5 separate ARAY systems that each address different high-frequency noise groups this achieves a dramatically reduced noise floor resulting in a hugely increased musical performance from any product you add a Chord GroundARAY too.

Chord Company recommend starting with the source and working through your system, on streaming based systems this could be a router and / or a data switch.

In the development of GroundARAY Chord Company found adding the RJ45 model to the English Electric 8 or 16 switch made a huge benefit on performance.

You can then add more GroundARAYs to the rest of your system e.g., Streamer, DAC, Preamp and so on.

Available with many different connection options – XLR (male or female) RCA, USB, HDMI, 5 pin DIN, BNC & RJ45

For more information, please Contact Us


Naim Launch Solstice Turntable

If you love the organic authenticity of vinyl, you can now finally enjoy it with the musical purity and passion only a Naim system can deliver – welcome to a new dawn for music. For more information see here.

We will be organising a series of Demos soon. Please contact us for your chance to hear this fantastic turntable!


Naim Announcement Due on Monday!

See the link here